Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a lovely by jane lui

Jailbird - Jane Lui

She's an amazing singer. The first song I heard by her was a cover of Just The Way You Are, the original by Bruno Mars. It was incredible and so I searched. I found her website through a slew of websites so I won't bother because if I did, just imagine how many words that'd take! I shudder- I dare not imagine.

turning eighteen in october

Trying to do my research paper was killing my brain cells and I wasn't feeling very good so I did a spoof introduction about myself that turned into a strange story into what I felt about growing a year older last month.

oh welly boots, enjoy!

Hi, my name is Bridget Jeanne. I just turned 18 last month. According to the local legal system, I am legal and I can buy alcohol and cigarettesn as much as I would like and watch M18 movies. I am really pleased about expanding my film horizon. Once upon a time, I did look forward to drinking alcohol. You see, I didn’t really like myself or what I did (to be honest, what I hadn’t done) and so I thought alcohol was the solution to all my problems. I would drink and all my inhibitions would fall apart and finally, I would be a free woman but alas, things aren’t always as they seem. The first time I drank, I turned very red and my face let out a funny warm feeling. It wasn’t bad but it good either. The second time was after a rehersal for a production, I didn’t do very well that day and I was down so I went to the stupid 7-11 at the station and bought a can of Japanese peach liquor that only contained a neglible amount of alcohol. My face turned red within minutes and I felt completely sober at the end of the can. I rode home, my dad driving the car. Once my dad had dropped my friend off at her house, I slept like I hadn’t slept in months- no, years. I suffer from terrible, terrible spouts of insomnia. Anyway as I was saying, I slept really deeply. I reached hope, dwasn’tragged myself to my bed only half-awake and collasped on the bed without showering or even changing my clothes- something I did for the first time. I awoke in a daze at 3 in the morning, rolled on the floor because I felt like barfing and I don’t like the feeling of barfing and the icy cold sensation of the floor always made that feeling better and in more cases than one, put the idea off from my stomach. Ever since then, I have ingrained into my brain that alcohol in asians equals to redness on the face, a funny warm sensation and barfing. It does nothing good to those without the stupid enzyme, the one that breaks down the stupid ethanol quick enough. Basically, the moral of the story is that alcohol doesn’t solve your problems because you are still stupidly sober at the end of the day.

Smoking? I could never be bothered. I didn’t want to die of lung cancer, golly gee, no way. Though I did have a dream about smoking and liking it but this only heightened my fear of cigarettes and the second-hand smoke.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

something that makes me happy

my dream backpack.

my backpack got messed up last semester and i'm using my crumpler laptop bag instead. it's really horrid when i can't put stuff it or it'll look as if its about to explode ):

a lot of things have been happening and in all the mess, i'm beginning to lose sense of myself and whether i am proud of the person i have become. its quite an empty feeling. i don't want to wallow in this but i've got so many things to do that i can't really do the things i want.

i want to paint, make a short film and have fun. heh. i know it sounds a little cheesy but i really do want to do that! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

light in a dark room

a picture i took at the backroom of work.

the play that has taken three months of my life is finally over, well almost anyway. there's still the post production event tonight and the post-mortem on tuesday. oh and i have to go back to organize all the costume for mark.

now, i'm trying to cram a paper of fox network for comm class on monday, 20% of my grade. oh golly gee, this is going to kill me. i think i'm ill already!