Thursday, October 14, 2010

a short piece of irritation

"Statistics can be such a drag."
- Take Back The Instant, General Elektriks

Before I write. I must read. It is such a pain, such a drag. I do not want to read, I want to write. Wait, maybe I want neither but i am still pained and care, i do not.

Give me some paper and a pen I demand!

I sit down ready to write but then I begin to stare aimlessly into the blank paper. They are no words or markings of any sort! How am I supposed to write like this?

My thoughts are playing with hoola hoops in my head. They aren’t being very helpful and it is frustrating me to no end.

I need to write something! I must go somewhere! There is words choking me. It is quite soon and I lose my voice too.

All of us, all of we, all of more than one are so desperate to get some where, get our name out there.

My focus is lost and I throw my hands up in the air. My head hits the desk.

Let’s face it. We’ve reached a dead-end.

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