Sunday, August 8, 2010

shimmer happy

my mom's th best. so is my dad! haha.
saturday was a day well spent with mom and sunday was a day well spent with dad.

after my first real sleep in a week, i headed out with my mom- you know i love documenting my purchases bcus everything i buy is special!

my mom got me a new watch (a white one from swatch), dvds, a fine frenzy cd, haruki marukami books anddddd! chanel's fall nail polish paradoxal!!! its very pretty as people say! in the bottle, its a purply taupe with indigo shimmer but when painted on the nails, you really can't say what colour it is. amazing ain't it?

today, i went for lunch with my dad at fish&co and i can promise you i am neverrrr going back there again. only the chips and rice was OK. uck! uck! but i had froyo after that :3

the most important thing: the time with my dad made me happy!

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