Sunday, August 8, 2010

my living room is warm

after watching chungking express with my mom, i've decided to tell you something.

since the third post, i've contemplated putting up links to my friends but i decided against it. i did do it though, but just for a few minutes after feeling quite uncomfortable. i just think that if i put up virtual connections to my friends, this blog won't really belong to me anymore.


oh! and i think the film in my gakkenflex is finishing so i look forward to visiting the film shop soon.

i've got lots of work to do. my school projects and sketching costumes for drama club. when the director spoke of his vision for the costumes, i saw Aladdin. most definitely not greek gods. hmph. not that i have anything against Aladdin. actually, i quite like Aladdin.
(aladdin just doesn't look right not capitalised)

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