Sunday, August 1, 2010

crowds are not healthy

ok. hi.
another wordy post. sigh. once i finish the film on my gakkenflex, i will develop and scan them. i'm kinda scared how they'll turn out so i've just been taking pictures of things with no pictorial guide so i'm just really expecting decent pictures. actually, just pictures will do because i'm afraid they'll be NO pictures. if that happens, i'll proceed to cry and bug michael until he gives me answers.

anyway another reason for this post is to celebrate me getting my mac back and georgia's awesomeee 18th birthday! haha.
happy eighteenth birthday georgia ho!
i love you!

i woke up this morning, signed for my mac -woog! and went to orchard to spend my topshop voucher, get some stuff and buy ning's & georgia's birthday pressies. the experience was horrid!!! it was so crowded and i wanted to cry every time someone bumped into me. i don't like crowds, at all! i'm never going to town on a weekend ever again. i've always made it a habit to go during the weekdays when school & work is in. yeh. never ever.

the party was great and the cake was sooo nice! (:
we played sooo many cool games like 7up - my multiplication was never good and this five game which luke lost twice. funny! heh heh.

oh and on the way home, my dad and i were taking about stuff and then i don't remember what but the topic sort of swerved to me visiting a psychiatrist when i was a kid. i never knew why. apparently, i was very clammy as a kid and somehow, i feel very comforted by this.

haaa... the lighting is quite bad because it's night so i'll take photos of what i got tmrw.

p.s. should i link my friends?

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