Sunday, July 18, 2010

wishes and papers

there are a lot of nice and cool magazines out there but they aren't available and that's very sad indeed.

if i found them in singapore, i would most definitely get them pretty papers.
lula magazine and russh magazine are at the top of my list.

they produce this very dreamy touch in their pages and its so easy to get absorbed into what they write and what we see. i also like japanese magazines even though they are in a language i'm still learning because they have a lot of pretty and inspiring pictures.

so-en (japanese) and frankie (australian) are two magazines i have been buying religiously over the past months. the latter also has lots of quirky ideas and crafty stuff which i immensely enjoy. it also helps me to slow down my life a bit.

i think life in singapore can get very fast paced.

edit: i would also like to say hi to elsa if she sees this.

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