Tuesday, July 13, 2010

vc woog!

today was our presentation for vc project. pretty cool except i feel that my group could have done much better. out of all the projects in the class i think the project by fel, zany, desh, adrian and janna was the best! i laughed hysterically from beginning to a a bit after the end. their ideas are always so pretty and funny! i like lots!

but since they haven't uploaded it, i won't either. post sealed. haha. i must respect their amazingness! so instead i'll upload my group's! it's quite embarrassing but i hope you like it anyways!

ok- gotta wait since yahoo hasn't received my confirmation email from vimeo yet. sighhh. random thing, i realised i like buying homey clothes a lot. haha. ok it's taking too long. i'll just use photobucket. hopefully it doesnt take too long or destroy the quality. ill use vimeo some other time. ahhh random but i want a bike! while i wait for it to load, i'll continue my dt. try's online so i pray that i can get some help from him.

(aaaaaaieeeeee! photobucket has denied it because of copyright issues! )= i think its because of the sp thing at the end ): sniff sniff. i dont have an sp-less version. this is unfair! its my work!!!)

hmph. oh weeeellllsss.

my mac's been crapping up lately )= its been shutting down spontaneously, closing safari and other apps, and always running out of battery sooo fast! i think the latter is just because its an old mac but the first two points are really scaring me! i love my mac! i think i will bring it to epicentre after i'm done with all my ca2s. so little time! ive got dt due thursday, wmp due next week i think and ivp the week after. soo many going on at one time!! i want to cry ),=

can't wait for post-exam days. i will draw, paint, read and play to my heart's desire. oh yes you bet i will! yes yes yessss! =D

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