Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a phone's capability

what i think a phone should have/ do:

1. nice fonts - i like to enjoy my texting and pressing numbers =)
2. nice buttons - i've got itchy fingers heh.
3. annoying alarm ringtone - i have a lot of difficulty walking up and i have found that annoying ringtones are most effective.
4. sufficiently audible ear piece - my hearing isnt exactly the best
5. decent camera - lugging around a dslr everywhere one goes is not pretty. i want a canon easy carry digital camera but a phone camera is good when you want to take akward photos of cute looking food for example. def useful.
6. long battery life - haaa if only you could count how many times ive left the home unaware the battery is dead or dying
7. good vibration when on silent - i always forget to un-silent it after like church or school and i forget where i put it

ahh my bad habits never fail to amuse me!

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