Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new beginings


okay why did i decide to delete with all my previous post, make this blog personal and begin a public blog? time for answers eh.
i realised that the real me was sort of dying away with all the peer pressure and the anxiety of my pathetic social life (haha socially akward). i also need a place to sulk (ms gamar says sulking is a trait of a bad blogger) because personally i think i am bi-polar and suffer from (perhaps clinical) depression.

i am still figuring on who i am and i don't want to become a slave to peer pressure. i want to be true to myself you see.

and anyway, no one is to read this so i can be free with all the bad grammar, awful language, poor paragraphing and my excessive use of !s and hahas. poo poo english! haha! the music i'm adding later is for my own benefit yay!

teachers and friends alike (cool if you remember the link before i took it off facebook, public listings and whatnot), if by some miracle you happen to chance upon this page and particularly this post (very unlikely though) i bid you welcome and-oops i forgot what i wanted to say. haha.

maybe another time yah? see you later!

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