Monday, December 13, 2010

under the tree

christmas shopping :)

can't imagine! these things are already on their way over. golly gee, i'm so delighted. well, this is only like my second time online shopping internationally so it's really cool. and i finally got a new backpack so i can return the old beat up white backpack i've been using back to my brother.

on friday, i went to hmv and got like ten dvds. i've watched about half by now but the region code is really getting to me so i think i'm going to get a tv and dvd player in my room. by my bed there is this pile of dvds and i think it's not long before they topple over. ha ha.

bleeeh. i just started sniffing again. damn the weather!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

wooly season

my novice knitting work!

i'm so happy! i managed to learn how to knit using youtube videos despite my impatience. ha ha. this is wonderful when christmas is just around the corner!! i can't make a sweater yet but i think i can make a short scarf for everybody! hmm... what colours should i choose? black (ha ha, i know but it's sort of fast becoming my favourite colour), red, green, blue, white, etc! so many pretty christmas colours hee hee 8D

my little brother has started working at starbucks too but he's having trouble. it's quite funny that i'm working there actually. it kinda defies things i believe in. sigh.. oh wells, its at least providing funding for my graduate schooling. i'm not sure what i want to do yet though.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a lovely by jane lui

Jailbird - Jane Lui

She's an amazing singer. The first song I heard by her was a cover of Just The Way You Are, the original by Bruno Mars. It was incredible and so I searched. I found her website through a slew of websites so I won't bother because if I did, just imagine how many words that'd take! I shudder- I dare not imagine.

turning eighteen in october

Trying to do my research paper was killing my brain cells and I wasn't feeling very good so I did a spoof introduction about myself that turned into a strange story into what I felt about growing a year older last month.

oh welly boots, enjoy!

Hi, my name is Bridget Jeanne. I just turned 18 last month. According to the local legal system, I am legal and I can buy alcohol and cigarettesn as much as I would like and watch M18 movies. I am really pleased about expanding my film horizon. Once upon a time, I did look forward to drinking alcohol. You see, I didn’t really like myself or what I did (to be honest, what I hadn’t done) and so I thought alcohol was the solution to all my problems. I would drink and all my inhibitions would fall apart and finally, I would be a free woman but alas, things aren’t always as they seem. The first time I drank, I turned very red and my face let out a funny warm feeling. It wasn’t bad but it good either. The second time was after a rehersal for a production, I didn’t do very well that day and I was down so I went to the stupid 7-11 at the station and bought a can of Japanese peach liquor that only contained a neglible amount of alcohol. My face turned red within minutes and I felt completely sober at the end of the can. I rode home, my dad driving the car. Once my dad had dropped my friend off at her house, I slept like I hadn’t slept in months- no, years. I suffer from terrible, terrible spouts of insomnia. Anyway as I was saying, I slept really deeply. I reached hope, dwasn’tragged myself to my bed only half-awake and collasped on the bed without showering or even changing my clothes- something I did for the first time. I awoke in a daze at 3 in the morning, rolled on the floor because I felt like barfing and I don’t like the feeling of barfing and the icy cold sensation of the floor always made that feeling better and in more cases than one, put the idea off from my stomach. Ever since then, I have ingrained into my brain that alcohol in asians equals to redness on the face, a funny warm sensation and barfing. It does nothing good to those without the stupid enzyme, the one that breaks down the stupid ethanol quick enough. Basically, the moral of the story is that alcohol doesn’t solve your problems because you are still stupidly sober at the end of the day.

Smoking? I could never be bothered. I didn’t want to die of lung cancer, golly gee, no way. Though I did have a dream about smoking and liking it but this only heightened my fear of cigarettes and the second-hand smoke.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

something that makes me happy

my dream backpack.

my backpack got messed up last semester and i'm using my crumpler laptop bag instead. it's really horrid when i can't put stuff it or it'll look as if its about to explode ):

a lot of things have been happening and in all the mess, i'm beginning to lose sense of myself and whether i am proud of the person i have become. its quite an empty feeling. i don't want to wallow in this but i've got so many things to do that i can't really do the things i want.

i want to paint, make a short film and have fun. heh. i know it sounds a little cheesy but i really do want to do that! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

light in a dark room

a picture i took at the backroom of work.

the play that has taken three months of my life is finally over, well almost anyway. there's still the post production event tonight and the post-mortem on tuesday. oh and i have to go back to organize all the costume for mark.

now, i'm trying to cram a paper of fox network for comm class on monday, 20% of my grade. oh golly gee, this is going to kill me. i think i'm ill already!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

where art thy king?

i'm in a club called theatre compass and we do really cool theatre and acting stuff and this time round we're doing a play titled THE SEARCH FOR ODYSSEUS. it's about this kid on this hunt for his father. there's loads of innuendoes both dramatic and humorous. it's grecian btw, heh. amazing, eh? but truly, a play with so many hidden agendas and slick stuff... such sneaky people those greeks were!

the cast and rest of the crew are working like mad to make this an incredible experience for everyone and i'm really excited to see how everything comes together next week (: applaud, please!

the last picture is incredibly pensive on the actors' part. i wonder what when through their minds when i took this picture. actually, what i really wonder is whether they noticed my camera going *click click*! hah!

Friday, October 22, 2010

mindless improbability

something i wrote during conceptualisation & structure.

My name is Qwerty Uiop. I live in a box. The box my home is made of five squares of bricks. The northward square commonly known as a wall holds a frosted window lined with cockroaches. It has a square of caterpillar cocoons in the middle. The curtains are half finished- the silkworms have yet to finish their work, slow aren’t they? I sit on the wooden chair, splinters poking out from everywhere possible that it is amazing that in the mouse years I have lived in this box, I have never once needed to take out a splint from my skin. All my furniture was and is the like.

In the mouse years I have lived in this box, I have departed my home at exactly 7 every Saturday to go to the market to get food. It is a tradition. I help the shopkeeper to persuade people to buy more of their things and I get some food and living supplies in return. A cheery bunch the people, persons who buy things.

When I return several hours later, I place sheets of pressed paper on the rectangular table and remove a box of paints and set of paint brushes.

i'm thinking of continuing this piece. hmm...

and so teacher, missus wee tells us to write a bad piece of work,

I am a cockroach in a tall boy’s hair and I attempt to crawl into his butt crack. In a house ten miles away, an old man is pouring water, Mr Nickelson, his house is rusty and old, well just like him, he is old, but I am young and alive until the tall boy sits down where I will be crushed and dead while Mr Nickelson lives on? This is incredulous not to mention ridiculous. In matters of sausages and eggs, I will be nothing but a flattened grotesque crunchy piece of bug meat while Mr Nickelson in Street 11 of Howdrewell Drive carries on living his –oh please don’t make me say it, old life eating ham and cheese.

missus wee's interpreted advice at the end? To write badly is to not think and just write, type, the works.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

trianges on a tuesday, day two

an improved version during first video production pract.

the secret diary of the jabberwocky alice killed

it is march fifth

i am in a cave. i am in my cave. it is a cave big enough for me yet not too big that a human can enter while i sleep. it is dark but there is a small light at the end. those pea humans venture ever only so far, at most five feet from the light before they disappear back into the light. it is certainly most amusing. but after the same thing happens one too many times, sleep overcomes and i surrender.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

a short piece of irritation

"Statistics can be such a drag."
- Take Back The Instant, General Elektriks

Before I write. I must read. It is such a pain, such a drag. I do not want to read, I want to write. Wait, maybe I want neither but i am still pained and care, i do not.

Give me some paper and a pen I demand!

I sit down ready to write but then I begin to stare aimlessly into the blank paper. They are no words or markings of any sort! How am I supposed to write like this?

My thoughts are playing with hoola hoops in my head. They aren’t being very helpful and it is frustrating me to no end.

I need to write something! I must go somewhere! There is words choking me. It is quite soon and I lose my voice too.

All of us, all of we, all of more than one are so desperate to get some where, get our name out there.

My focus is lost and I throw my hands up in the air. My head hits the desk.

Let’s face it. We’ve reached a dead-end.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

triangles on a tuesday

haha so right now got a lot of stuff going on, bad stuff and good stuff.

a fake tatttoo i drew on with eyeliner

i have had a blackbird fly for about a month and i still have yet to figure out to load the film. it gets so complicated!

Friday, September 24, 2010

in half an hour,

will be the last of one of my best friend's birthday, cass ron.
a 'relative' of ronald susilo and ronald mcdonald!! haha!11

she's one amazing girl and no word in the dictionary can describe how incredible she is. i'm extremely honoured to spend silent telephone calls and fridays with her.

if it weren't for her, i'd probably still have only 13 songs on my itouch aaand living in the modern fast pace world has always been difficult for me but somehow, she always manages to drag me into the slow, lazy day pace of hers where everything just seems ten times the fun. all the frowns i've had turned into smiles because of her. i'm really lucky to have someone who accepts my loony-ness, laughs with me (mostly her teasing me! loool) and is honest with me.

& thank you for everything you've done for me.
may you have the best eighteenth year!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

white fingers

a caucausian thumb1 :O

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

it's what i see

my matte gakkenflex photos.

the funny story, only six out of thirty six! haha.
anyway updates. my last test for sem1 is tomorrow and my six week holiday will officially begin. i started working at starbucks yesterday and my dad just returned from hong kong!! and got me a blackbird fly!11 \

it's amazing! i need to take pics!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

project - lost things

teaser shots of my final vc project!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a lesson learnt

mr fred's 'lesson' today:
something must always be at stake to create a crisis

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

when dreams persist!

ahhhh!! my momma got me a wacom tablett!! ahh! a dream come true!!
i've been wanting this ever since i was twelve! can you imagine? my patience!

haha! messy hair! lol.

Monday, August 16, 2010

in the sunshine

i was experimenting with my digital camera today!1

Sunday, August 8, 2010

my living room is warm

after watching chungking express with my mom, i've decided to tell you something.

since the third post, i've contemplated putting up links to my friends but i decided against it. i did do it though, but just for a few minutes after feeling quite uncomfortable. i just think that if i put up virtual connections to my friends, this blog won't really belong to me anymore.


oh! and i think the film in my gakkenflex is finishing so i look forward to visiting the film shop soon.

i've got lots of work to do. my school projects and sketching costumes for drama club. when the director spoke of his vision for the costumes, i saw Aladdin. most definitely not greek gods. hmph. not that i have anything against Aladdin. actually, i quite like Aladdin.
(aladdin just doesn't look right not capitalised)

shimmer happy

my mom's th best. so is my dad! haha.
saturday was a day well spent with mom and sunday was a day well spent with dad.

after my first real sleep in a week, i headed out with my mom- you know i love documenting my purchases bcus everything i buy is special!

my mom got me a new watch (a white one from swatch), dvds, a fine frenzy cd, haruki marukami books anddddd! chanel's fall nail polish paradoxal!!! its very pretty as people say! in the bottle, its a purply taupe with indigo shimmer but when painted on the nails, you really can't say what colour it is. amazing ain't it?

today, i went for lunch with my dad at fish&co and i can promise you i am neverrrr going back there again. only the chips and rice was OK. uck! uck! but i had froyo after that :3

the most important thing: the time with my dad made me happy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

so adobe today!

yessss! i got the entire adobe package yesterday!!
sooo happy! (:

ok so my new header was made by illustrator.
its so cooool! i've had photoshop but it was my first time playing with illustrator. heh heh.
it's a bit difficult drawing with my fingers but i think i will get used to it haha.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

wonderful weekend

i bought coconut milk body wash for only five-fifty from the sale at marks& spencers! i've been wanting the coconut body wash from sephora which is ten dollars. so happy!!

so this surmounts up to my weekend where i spent most of it eating and shopping.
don't mind the lousy photobooth quality peektures! i'll use my camera next time. haha.

topshop dress & jeans, choke by chuck palahniuk, m&s coconut milk body wash and muji socks

i'm a happy girl! haha.

crowds are not healthy

ok. hi.
another wordy post. sigh. once i finish the film on my gakkenflex, i will develop and scan them. i'm kinda scared how they'll turn out so i've just been taking pictures of things with no pictorial guide so i'm just really expecting decent pictures. actually, just pictures will do because i'm afraid they'll be NO pictures. if that happens, i'll proceed to cry and bug michael until he gives me answers.

anyway another reason for this post is to celebrate me getting my mac back and georgia's awesomeee 18th birthday! haha.
happy eighteenth birthday georgia ho!
i love you!

i woke up this morning, signed for my mac -woog! and went to orchard to spend my topshop voucher, get some stuff and buy ning's & georgia's birthday pressies. the experience was horrid!!! it was so crowded and i wanted to cry every time someone bumped into me. i don't like crowds, at all! i'm never going to town on a weekend ever again. i've always made it a habit to go during the weekdays when school & work is in. yeh. never ever.

the party was great and the cake was sooo nice! (:
we played sooo many cool games like 7up - my multiplication was never good and this five game which luke lost twice. funny! heh heh.

oh and on the way home, my dad and i were taking about stuff and then i don't remember what but the topic sort of swerved to me visiting a psychiatrist when i was a kid. i never knew why. apparently, i was very clammy as a kid and somehow, i feel very comforted by this.

haaa... the lighting is quite bad because it's night so i'll take photos of what i got tmrw.

p.s. should i link my friends?

Monday, July 26, 2010

cross eyed

i was once at odd by this quote by renowned fashion designer rei kawakubo but now i am in love with it.

"I couldn't explain my creative process to you. And, even if i could, why would i want to? Are there people who really wish to explain themselves?"

it creates this world that was just meant for you and no one esle. oh yesss, it does.

i'll share with you another great quote by jake green in revolver! ahhh!

"There is something about yourself that you don't know. Something that you will deny even exists, until it's too late to do anything about it. It's the only reason you get up in the morning. The only reason you suffer the shitty puss, the blood, the sweat and the tears. This is because you want people to know how good, attractive, generous, funny, wild and clever you really are. Fear or revere me, but please, think I'm special. We share an addiction. We're approval junkies. We're all in it for the slap on the back and the gold watch. The hip-hip-hoo-fuckin' rah. Look at the clever boy with the badge, polishing his trophy. Shine on you crazy diamond, because we're just monkeys wrapped in suits begging the approval of others."

hurrah! haha. aaaaandd my favourite quote!

"this is awkward. can i fake a phone call?"
- de shun

tomorrow is ning's birthday. she'll be legal tomorrow.
this girl is really awesome and i am beyond-the-skies honored to be her friend. she was always there when i needed her and when everything in my world was upside down, never failing to send me a sweet loooonggg next comforting me.
happy birthday ning!
thank q & i love you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i see with my little eye

the photographs are by a local photographer who goes by 'locallad' on tumblr. he is really amazing and just by looking at his works, you feel energized. well, i do anyway (:

for the first time in my life, i touched my eye in attempt to remove an eyelash. it was not as squishy as i always thought it was, on the contrary it was tough. okay, its a pretty gross fact but i thought i had to document this momentous event haha

the rest of my weekend wasn't so great being ill and tired :(
total waste of a weekend. i could have done so many things! hmph.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

looking at my feet

i really want those white oness! where to get?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a letter to Draco Malfoy

Dear Mr. Draco Malfoy,
It is with great regret that we have to inform you of the passing of your pet snake, Pansy Parkinson. She served greatly in battle arms in arms with her fellow men displaying a suicidal bravery one has never witnessed before. It is a great loss to our platoon that she can no longer fight against the nasty men in silver and green. It seemed that her dimwittedness has transgressed to an incurable degree and was certainly without a doubt mentally incapable of fighting another logical fight (not that she ever fought one of such in the first place) but she insisted on dying for your pitiful pride.

My companions who fought along with the saddened state of a troll (I am still perplexed as to why you call it a snake when the sight of it is far too vomit-inducing) said she certainly had a voracious appetite for anything orange and brown resembling a lion even slightly.

I send my deepest apologies and would encourage you to take all of what I said to heart, proceed to cry your heart out drowning in tissues and have a good night rest.

Yours truly,
DA president
Harry James Potter

The result of my inability to write anything legit during class.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

things i like

my newly constructed gakkenflex, new books, chinese ceramic bowls and my shoes

some of my things taken by my fujifilm instax camera over the past month with hello kitty film.

with this new found freedom, i'm begining to actually enjoy blogging! haha.

wishes and papers

there are a lot of nice and cool magazines out there but they aren't available and that's very sad indeed.

if i found them in singapore, i would most definitely get them pretty papers.
lula magazine and russh magazine are at the top of my list.

they produce this very dreamy touch in their pages and its so easy to get absorbed into what they write and what we see. i also like japanese magazines even though they are in a language i'm still learning because they have a lot of pretty and inspiring pictures.

so-en (japanese) and frankie (australian) are two magazines i have been buying religiously over the past months. the latter also has lots of quirky ideas and crafty stuff which i immensely enjoy. it also helps me to slow down my life a bit.

i think life in singapore can get very fast paced.

edit: i would also like to say hi to elsa if she sees this.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

lazy saturdays

yay! i went out yesterday after school to collect the stuff i reserved from kinokuniya and the marker pens from artfriends and of course, me being me side tracked a little and bought the pretty stripped muji skirt i've been admiring for a while. muji has a lot of cute stuff i like very much. i never fail to go there everytime i hit town.

i started building the gakkenflex camera i got along with the magazine since noon today.

six hours and ten very sore fingers later, i present to you...

a very happy me and my new gakkenflex!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

penguin eats fish

while doing dt, i told liling that i was half mermaid and half penguin. she then proceeded to say i may as well as have been half fish and half penguin then i should just eat myself.

i wonder how i would execute such a feat. hmm.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a phone's capability

what i think a phone should have/ do:

1. nice fonts - i like to enjoy my texting and pressing numbers =)
2. nice buttons - i've got itchy fingers heh.
3. annoying alarm ringtone - i have a lot of difficulty walking up and i have found that annoying ringtones are most effective.
4. sufficiently audible ear piece - my hearing isnt exactly the best
5. decent camera - lugging around a dslr everywhere one goes is not pretty. i want a canon easy carry digital camera but a phone camera is good when you want to take akward photos of cute looking food for example. def useful.
6. long battery life - haaa if only you could count how many times ive left the home unaware the battery is dead or dying
7. good vibration when on silent - i always forget to un-silent it after like church or school and i forget where i put it

ahh my bad habits never fail to amuse me!

vc woog!

today was our presentation for vc project. pretty cool except i feel that my group could have done much better. out of all the projects in the class i think the project by fel, zany, desh, adrian and janna was the best! i laughed hysterically from beginning to a a bit after the end. their ideas are always so pretty and funny! i like lots!

but since they haven't uploaded it, i won't either. post sealed. haha. i must respect their amazingness! so instead i'll upload my group's! it's quite embarrassing but i hope you like it anyways!

ok- gotta wait since yahoo hasn't received my confirmation email from vimeo yet. sighhh. random thing, i realised i like buying homey clothes a lot. haha. ok it's taking too long. i'll just use photobucket. hopefully it doesnt take too long or destroy the quality. ill use vimeo some other time. ahhh random but i want a bike! while i wait for it to load, i'll continue my dt. try's online so i pray that i can get some help from him.

(aaaaaaieeeeee! photobucket has denied it because of copyright issues! )= i think its because of the sp thing at the end ): sniff sniff. i dont have an sp-less version. this is unfair! its my work!!!)

hmph. oh weeeellllsss.

my mac's been crapping up lately )= its been shutting down spontaneously, closing safari and other apps, and always running out of battery sooo fast! i think the latter is just because its an old mac but the first two points are really scaring me! i love my mac! i think i will bring it to epicentre after i'm done with all my ca2s. so little time! ive got dt due thursday, wmp due next week i think and ivp the week after. soo many going on at one time!! i want to cry ),=

can't wait for post-exam days. i will draw, paint, read and play to my heart's desire. oh yes you bet i will! yes yes yessss! =D

new beginings


okay why did i decide to delete with all my previous post, make this blog personal and begin a public blog? time for answers eh.
i realised that the real me was sort of dying away with all the peer pressure and the anxiety of my pathetic social life (haha socially akward). i also need a place to sulk (ms gamar says sulking is a trait of a bad blogger) because personally i think i am bi-polar and suffer from (perhaps clinical) depression.

i am still figuring on who i am and i don't want to become a slave to peer pressure. i want to be true to myself you see.

and anyway, no one is to read this so i can be free with all the bad grammar, awful language, poor paragraphing and my excessive use of !s and hahas. poo poo english! haha! the music i'm adding later is for my own benefit yay!

teachers and friends alike (cool if you remember the link before i took it off facebook, public listings and whatnot), if by some miracle you happen to chance upon this page and particularly this post (very unlikely though) i bid you welcome and-oops i forgot what i wanted to say. haha.

maybe another time yah? see you later!